Saturday, August 21, 2010


And now for some asides... two different game design ideas have floated into my brain and I don't think that working on them will have too much impact on the Shadows design. One is an idea for a one shot game about indie-kids degenerating at a party. The idea is to use cards with specified drama bits to keep play going, with different players using the drama cards to create scenes to block the other players from achieving their character's goals. Competitive but light-hearted.

The second idea is less well-formed, but might yield some interesting results. After listening to Ron Edward's interview over at the Walking Eye Podcast, I got thinking about the gaming culture (as I knew it) when I first started gaming. Second Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons was the game I started with and spent a decent amount of time on. I think it was already moving towards its death throws, Alternity wasn't too long after and from all reports its was sort of test run for ideas for the 3ed of D&D.
I wanted to revisit 2e and see what I would do with it now, sticking to its form and structure, but re-writing the rules to fit both my tastes now and to better reflect how we used to play it, as best as I can remember. We'll see how that turns out. My current plan is to do all the reworks here and maybe on some D&D related forums out there (EnWorld, anyone).
I know that the idea is a little out of date, but I haven't seen any love for 2e on the internets, but there have been countless OD&D/AD&D remakes and updates, so why not a 2e update. Someone, somewhere has to be with me.

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