Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shadows Design Diary, Part 3

Just a quick little update to keep this little project active: So things are going okay in terms of the progressing design. Its been hard getting attention and finding people to discuss the game with, but I should expect that. This is my first game design that I've really tried to put out there in the public forum and don't have a lot of social currency in the online or any real world gaming groups at the moment. I'm doing my best to try and correct this. The newest written draft of the rules is going swimmingly, but I'm having a difficult of time writing the setting information out, because I'm reluctant to expand it. The setting right now is solid enough to create characters and situation, but not specific in a real world anthropological survey sense.
I'll be doing my best to get people to review the draft as soon as its completed and I'm hoping to get a little craigslist indie/story game group going on the weekend.

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