Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Internet Goodness

So I've actually got some pretty decent feedback vis-a-vis the role playing forum sphere (Forge, Praxis, Story Games, RPG.net) and it made me start to think really hard about complexity, clarity and redundancy. I know I'm going to try and rewrite the whole thing in a more digestible way, and that I'm going to take a long hard look at the mechanics and make sure that they'll (in theory) do what I want.
Since this whole thing started as such a stab in the dark, I've also thought a lot about what the game is about and what I want to get out of it and its setting. Although I haven't seen them used a lot lately, I'm thinking about fishing up the whole "Power 19" thing and filling it out, as well as using some advice I helped flesh out over on the Forge (you can check it out here: defining the package ).

So, hopefully in the near future there will be a pretty, easy to use beta text for the game that I can start distributing, but we'll see. Also, a name change: A Light in the Darkness: The Story of a Revolution. Shadows seems to generic and though it has ample meaning in the game, its most obvious meaning don't mesh with the tone and theme that I'm striving for.

Also, this (Cute and Fuzzy Design Contest). I'll be doing a follow up to this soon with my own contribution...

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